sexta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2008


What does it do?
This script just creates a button for controlling the "mute" property of audio files in 3d max.

Ok, but, why should I use it?
Sometimes, when you are animating a scene with audio files for lyp sync, max timeline gets very slow to update, then your scroble won´t be realtime. Muting the audio file will reduce the lag and you´ll be able to see your beautifull animation with better FPS.

Using only max interface, it´s a pain to set up the "mute on/off". You have to open the curve editor then double click on the Sound controller and uncheck the active box...............
Well, with a On/off button on a toolbar is pretty easyer I guess :)

MaxScript menu -> Run Script -> choose the script file "Audio_OnOff.mcr"
Customize menu -> Customize Interface -> Quads Tab -> You´ll find the script under the "MussaScripts" category.
Add it to a tool bar and that´s it.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Download: Audio On/Off